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Setting up an Events Operator

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Setting up an Events Operator

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Setting up an Events Operator

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You will need to add in each main event as a separate operator; E.g. Wild Town Jazz Festival 2007.


** You may need to create an Operator type Events before setting up your event operator if you havent done this yet.

1.From the Main Menu under the heading Operator’s Details, click onto the sub-heading New Operator or External Operator.

2.Click onto the Add Operator Link on the page. This will display a new form to fill the Event details into. Follow the table below for details on this form.




Enter the Event Organisers Surname


Enter the Event Organisers First name

Business Name

Enter in the name of the Event


If the Event Organiser has an ABN enter it in this field.


Tick this box if the Event Organisation is registered for GST.


Enter the email address to be displayed on your website for any enquiries for the event.

Operator Booking Emails will get sent to this address.

Manager Email

If there is an additional email address which requires the Operator Booking emails to be received, fill it into this field.


Enter the address of the Events own website if applicable. Don’t enter http://.


Enter the contact telephone number of the person to receive phone enquiries regarding the event. This will be displayed on the website.


Enter the fax number of the person to receive faxes regarding the event. This will be displayed on the website.


Enter the mobile phone number of the person to receive mobile phone enquiries regarding the event. This will be displayed on the website.

Postal Address

Enter the postal address for any correspondence by mail with the event organizer. This will not be displayed on the website.


Enter the town of the postal address


Enter the country of the postal address


Enter the postal code of the postal address


Enter the State of the postal address

Business Location

Enter the Location of where the Event is held. This will be displayed on the website.

Operator Type

Choose Events as the operator type. (ensure you have created this)


Leave this blank


Leave this blank


Choose the appropriate location of the event

Business Grouping

Leave this blank


Type in the last six digits of the organizers contact number for a unique username. This will used to name the images.


Issue a password for the event organizer to login with.

Opening Hours

Leave this blank

Map Reference

Fill this in if applicable


Leave this blank

Point of Difference

Use this field for a brief description of the event

Business Description

Use this field to give a full explanation of the event details

Directions from your nearest town

Explain where the event will be held, and direct clear instructions on how to get there.

Hot Deal

Leave this blank

For Staff Eyes Only

Enter in details for staff to view when making bookings.

For Itinerary Only

This information will only display on the itinerary once the client has booked and paid.

Bank Name

This is the business name that the account is titled as with the bank.

Bank Branch

Enter the name of the bank branch here.

BSB Number

Enter the BSB this must be 7 characters with a space after if there are only 6 numbers.

Account Number

Nine characters, right justified and all hyphens removed

Account Title

Name of the account

Account code

Leave this blank

3.Press Save on this screen and you will be taken to the update other details screen.

4.Fill out the form as per the below instructions table.

Operator Id/ Delete

Do not delete the operator

Business Name

You cannot edit this

Current Operator

Tick this box if you want the Event to show online. You may want to leave this un-ticked until you set up the events.

Membership Level

Leave this unless you have membership levels set up.

Internal Rating

Leave this blank

Certificate No.

Leave this blank unless you have details

Certificate Issued?

Tick this if applicable

Date joined

Complete if applicable

Insurance Date

Complete if applicable

Date Paid

Complete if applicable

Date Paid To

Complete if applicable

Date Cancelled

Complete if applicable

Brochure Number

Complete if applicable

Request New Brochures

Tick this box and press save to send an automatic email to the operator requesting new brochures.

Has Hot Deal

Tick if applicable

Has Banner Ad

Tick this if applicable

Sort Order

Allocate a sort order number for the banner ad.

Has Banner Ad A/website

Tick and complete this if applicable

Has Banner Ad B/website

Tick and complete this if applicable

Gold Medal

If ticked, all bookings are instantly confirmed except for "today" bookings

Confirmed Today

If ticked, bookings will be instantly confirmed for "today" bookings

Managed by email tick box

If this is ticked then bookings will ONLY be sent to this address

Request SMS

Tick this if this is applicable to your Booking Centre

Commission Percentage

Enter the commission percentage that you are going to receive for event bookings

Map Reference

Complete the map reference location for the event. (as per maps loaded in your system).

5.Press Save once you have completed the form.

6.The operator search screen should now appear, enter the event name in the name field and click search.

7.Once the Event name displays, you can click onto the login button under the action field.

8.Once in the Member Console (Blue Console) Go to the heading Events and click onto the sub-heading List Events.

9.Click onto the Add Event button.

10.Enter each sub event/ activity separately. Enter one at a time using this form.

11.Follow the table below to help you create the event ticket for purchases online.

Event / Activity Name

Enter the name of the activity being held.

Number of Places

Enter the maximum number of tickets to be sold through the system

Price Adult

As per adult price (no dollar signs required)

Price Child

As per Child price (no dollar signs required)

Price Family

As per family price (no dollar signs required)

Price Concession

As per concession price (no dollar signs required)

Price Student

As per student price (no dollar signs required)

Start Date

Enter start date of event in DD/MM/YYY format

End Date

Enter end date of event in DD/MM/YYY format

Start Time

Enter the start time in 24 hour time. E.g. 14:00 = 2pm

End Time

Enter the end time in 24 hour time. E.g. 20:00 = 8pm

No Children

Tick this box if you do NOT take children (children = 2-12 years old)

No Infants

Tick this box if you do NOT take infants (infants = 0-1 years old)


Enter in the descriptive details of the event activity.

12.Press save to save the event/activity and add another event in the same way.

13.Upload images for the events created by following the instructions below.

14.From the main menu under the Events heading, click onto the sub heading Events List.

15.The list of events entered into the system will appear. Click onto the event name to find out the unique code for the event.

16.In the address bar, you will find a number at the end of the URL.

17.To upload an image for the event you will need to call the image eventxxx.jpg, where xxx is equal to the event code number. The image will need to be resized to 250 pixels wide and then uploaded through upload images.

For general images to be displayed on the front page for the operator follow the instructions for uploading images as per a general operator.