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Sales Tips

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Sales Tips

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Booking Agents play an important role in the tourism community and providing a number of services including; information about the region’s tourism product, local knowledge about the area, travel tips and advice, and a booking service. Their primary aim is to ensure the highest standards of visitor servicing to ensure that visitors want to stay longer, do more in the region, tell their friends how fabulous it was, and return soon. The achievement of these goals help a tourism community thrive.


One important aspect of visitor servicing, is an accommodation and tour booking service. This service allows visitors to discover and compare the range of tourism product available in the region, and to make their bookings quickly and easily. The commissions earned from bookings allow Booking Agents to become more financially sustainable, which in turn allows them to continue to improve their visitor servicing program. To ensure that Booking Agents are financially viable, it is very important that Booking Centre staff provide are able to complete sales, make value added sales and encourage return business.


To help your Booking Centre achieve these objectives the Bookeasy team has provided a few sales tips below:


Be friendly and attentive!!

Ask the visitor questions about what they want and try to find options that meet these needs.

When making a booking ask if they are interested in finding out about local tours and activities – you might be able to turn one booking into two!

Once you have told the visitor about their tour/accommodation options ask them if they would like you to secure the booking for them.

Always thank the visitor for using your Booking Centre’s booking service

Example of a Good Sale

Booking Agent Staff Member: Good Morning, Lake Macquarie Visitor Centre this is Helen, how may I help you?

Visitor: Hi I am looking for accommodation

Booking Agent Staff Member: Of course, I am happy to help. When are you planning to come and stay and for how long? What type of accommodation are you looking for – and for how many adults/children? Are you interested in any particular location/setting/facilities? Do you have any special needs or requirements?

Visitor: I am interested in staying 7 nights from the 15th of March and need accommodation that will suit 4 adults and 3 children. We would prefer something self-contained and close to the local attractions. A pool or activities room would also be great for the kids.

Booking Agent Staff Member: No Problem! I will just do a search on our online reservation system. If you have internet access you can also have a look – our web address is www……. This site allows you to view full descriptions, pictures, availability and rates and you can also book online!

I have completed my search and here are a few options that may suit you:

(Usually give 2 -3 options and describe the highlights of each property – i.e. this property is particularly suited for large families like yourselves. It is a modern fully self-contained with 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms (so the adults don’t have to share with the kids!). There is a swimming pool and games room to keep the kids entertained and a two lounge rooms so the adults can relax. The house is fully air conditioned so you won’t feel oppressed by the summer heat and the out door deck is shaded by lush tropical gardens. It is located opposite a park and is just a 5 minute walk from the towns 2 major attractions…… Once all options have been offered continue as below)

Do you like the sound of any of those options?

Visitor: Yes I liked option 3

Booking Agent Staff Member: Great – would you like me to check that it is available and secure the booking for you?



Visitor: Yes

Booking Agent Staff Member: Great – I will need to secure the booking with a credit card payment – do you have it handy? Also – would you like to know about the tours that are available in the area? I can also book any tours for you if that makes life easier!

Visitor: Yes that would be helpful

Booking Agent Staff Member: (Once all bookings have been completed) thank you for using our booking service. I will just re-confirm all the details with you …..You will receive an emailed itinerary with all the complete booking details – if you need any further information don’t hesitate to contact us or drop in and see us when you arrive!



Visitor: I might think about it.

Booking Agent Staff Member: No problem –  if you wish to go ahead and book, please do not hesitate to call us back.  Alternatively – you can go to our website and book online - day or night!

Visitor: That would be great.