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Must-Have website features

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Must-Have website features

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Must-Have website features

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1. A good map. Showing distance from major capital city and location of your destination within your state and within Australia.

2. How to get there to your destination from the nearest capital city and how long it takes in kms and time. Modes of transport; air, coach, self drive, walk? Bike ride that are available.

3. A list of companies that offer coach tours into your region. (It might be that your potential customers don’t have transport and have limited time).

4. Where Hire Cars are available and links to hire car sites.

5. Links to major airlines services – national and regional.

6. Very visible location of FREE Online Booking Service front page.

7. Comprehensive inventory – accommodation, tours, attractions, boutique shops, local businesses, wineries, food producers, artisans, events, restaurants,

8. Great pictures – one picture says a thousand words.

9. Full search capacity – all capacity of Bookeasy. Accommodation, tours, events, businesses, conferences, restaurants etc.

10. Privacy policy

11. Security policy.

12. Location of visitor centre/centres, opening hours and all contact details, address, email, website address and the services you provide. ie, bookings either over your website or walk ins and telesales.

13. List of vc sales consultants. (optional) and picture (optional)

14. Operator Specials

15. Last Minute Deals.

16. Downloadable Hot Deals – good idea to feature on the front page.

17. Latest news. A new story once a week, once a fortnight, once a month.

18. About the organisation. Who runs the organisation, how many members, how long have you been providing visitor servicing; your mission statement, history of the organisation.

19. How to join, membership prospectus, fees, AGM... etc.

20. E Brochures Visitor guides, holiday planners, conference planners, special publications.

21. Site map.

22. Terms and conditions.

23. Weather links.

24. Language Translator

25. Surf reports – if you are by the coast of course.

26. About the region: History of the town/s– primary industries... as well as tourism ie fishing, mining, agriculture, city lifestyle, population, wine region, schools.

27. Advertising space to sell to your operators on the front page.

28. Banner ads to sell to your operators.

29. Holiday ideas for the kids.

30. Special packages

31. Whats On. Events – make sure they are always current.

32. Local Employment - could be your own local visitor centre when vacancies come up, shire or even the local community jobs.

33. Meet the locals – something about the human energy that drives the town.

34. Members login.

35. Subscribe to our newsletter.

36. Welcome – maybe from the Chair and invite them to come and visit.

37. Online Shopping – great idea to make maps available for sale online. Visitor centres have reputation for providing maps…even the local map you might produce in house.

38. Links to airlines, coach companies and local hire car companies.

39. Links to other regions,

40. Links to other organisations with information about the region

41. Links to other tourism organisations that operators might be chasing.

42. Special area in National Parks, walk trails and links to local Parks Department.

43. Guest Book for clients to make comments about their holidays ie Travel Blogs would be good.... or somewhere they might be able to upload their own video clips.

44. Competitions for your consumers.

45. Media Centre with downloadable media releases,

46. Sign up (subscribe) for customer newsletter.

47. Image Gallery.

48. Disclaimer.

49. Members Area with Login on the front page.

50. School and public holidays,

51. Currency translator.

52. Driving conditions, roads and requirements ie drivers licences.

53. Local services and clubs, available in town, banks, doctors, hospitals... recreational ie tennis courts, squash courts, golf clubs, etc.

54. Regular Travel Features…engage a feature writer to write up regular articles and talk about special events. (Could be part of News...)

55. Postcards that web site browsers can send to their mates... check out

56. Feedback... for customers to provide feedback... good and bad experiences direct to the visitor centre staff but not for publication on the web.

57. Tell A Friend Link, so that any visitor, if they like your site can easily forward it to a friend. Here is the link.

58. Short positive educational snippets on the need to protect the environment and how they might... ie by using existing road, tracks and pathways, support quarantine policies, respect local flora and fauna and dispose of rubbish in bins – (without lecturing but more demonstrating your commitment to the environment and inviting them to share the same).