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Bookeasy Distribution Network

Distributing properties and tours online is a very important part of a tourism operators marketing mix.
Bookeasy can make sure it won’t take any more time than you presently spend and you won’t need to buy any new equipment to do it. 

The Bookeasy Member Console has a full featured channel manager seamlessly built in.
This module provides you with a complete online distribution system, which can automatically send your rates and availability to over 30 distribution channels. 
Your available inventory can also be viewed and booked by other Visitor Centres across Australia.

If you have made the choice to share your inventory with the TXA (Tourism Exchange Australia) / OBX (Open Booking Exchange), you can easily do this via your Bookeasy Member Console as well.

You retain full control over who you distribute your inventory to, via the “Online Distribution” menu.


The Bookeasy Distribution Network:

bookeasy distribution network


Bendigo: Sunny Today 11°C / 28°C

Sydney: Mostly Cloudy Today 18°C / 25°C

Brisbane: Numerous Showers Today 21°C / 27°C

Darwin: Mostly Sunny Today 26°C / 33°C

Perth: Morning Clouds Today 17°C / 26°C

Adelaide: Sunny Today 16°C / 31°C